[slurm-users] Substituions for "see META file" in slurm.spec file of 15.08.11-1 release

Fulcomer, Samuel samuel_fulcomer at brown.edu
Tue Jul 9 22:42:33 UTC 2019

Hi Pariksheet,

To confirm, "14", "15", "16", and "17" do not denote major versions. For
example, "17.02" and "17.11" are different major versions. Only "MM.NN"
denotes a major version. This is somewhat unintuitive, and I've suggested
some documentation clarification, but it's still somewhat easily missed.


On Tue, Jul 9, 2019 at 6:23 PM Pariksheet Nanda <pariksheet.nanda at gmail.com>

> Hi Samuel,
> On Mon, Jul 8, 2019 at 8:19 PM Fulcomer, Samuel <samuel_fulcomer at brown.edu>
> wrote:
> >
> > The underlying issue is database schema compatibility/regression. Each
> upgrade is only intended to provided capability to successfully upgrade the
> schema from two versions back.
> --snip--
> > ...and you should follow the upgrade instructions on schedmd.com. Note
> that you need to start the slurmdbd before the slurmctld, and be patient
> while slurmdbd updates the schema.
> Thanks for taking the time to share this warning and your experiences!
> I'm familiar with the the limitation of hopping no further than 2 releases
> at a time due to the DB schema changes and should have mentioned my
> awareness of that in my original e-mail to not give good Samaritans like
> you panic attacks.  So sorry for that omission on my part!
> Past upgrades have been eventful.  I orchestrated our upgrade from SLURM
> 14 to 15 in May of 2016, and a previous administrator did the upgrade from
> some prior version to 14.  In my case, for some reason running `make
> install` omitted installing 2 compiled libraries from the .lib/plugins/
> directory to the filesystem.  There were also other idiosyncrasies that
> would have added a lot more time and stress to the outage had I not tried
> simulating the upgrade first.  It's possible that others on this list have
> seamless upgrade experiences, but that's the baggage I now carry around.
> > regards,
> > s
> Pariksheet
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