[slurm-users] Hints, Cheatsheets, etc

Edward Ned Harvey (slurm) slurm at nedharvey.com
Tue Jul 9 13:25:39 UTC 2019

> From: slurm-users <slurm-users-bounces at lists.schedmd.com> On Behalf Of
> Ole Holm Nielsen
> Sent: Tuesday, July 9, 2019 2:17 AM
> * pestat Prints a Slurm cluster nodes status with 1 line per node and job info.

Yep, using it.  :-)  Definitely valuable, thanks. The one thing I wish was to have the ability to select which columns to display. On our cluster, many jobs run on each node, which all have between 16 and 72 cores, so the Joblist column wraps several lines and makes the output difficult to read. I use "| cut -b 1-70" to limit the line length, but then I lose coloring.  *shrugs*  Definitely cool and useful anyway, thanks again.

> * showuserjobs Print the current node status and batch jobs status broken
> down into userids.

Yeah, on our systems, I get:
	Sorry, gawk version 4.0 or later is required.  Your version is: GNU Awk 3.1.7
(RHEL 6). So this one wasn't as useful for me. But thanks anyway!

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