[slurm-users] scavenger partition/qos

Hanu Pathuri hpathuri at qti.qualcomm.com
Mon Jul 8 22:03:40 UTC 2019


I am trying to setup my SLURM cluster. One of thing I want to achieve was to schedule jobs which will be run on when there are no high priority tasks.
My understanding is that this can be achieved by either configuring a partition with pre-empt mode 'Suspend/Reque' with priority for this being very low or have a QOS configured with very low priority.

Here are my questions:

  1.  Is there built-in 'scavenger' feature/partition or 'qos' that I can make use of?
  2.  When I created a 'scavenger' partition with lower priority  (preempt mode=suspend), and debug partition with higher priority (preempt mode=suspend), scheduler is not pre-empting the jobs run on scavenger partition when I submit the jobs with debug partition immediately. However if I change the pre-empt mode for scavenger partition to 'requeue', pre-emptions happens immediately.

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