[slurm-users] Substituions for "see META file" in slurm.spec file of 15.08.11-1 release

Fulcomer, Samuel samuel_fulcomer at brown.edu
Mon Jul 8 20:17:19 UTC 2019

Hi Pariksheet,

Note that an "upgrade", in the sense that retained information is converted
to new formats, is only relevant for the slurmctld/slurmdbd  (and backup)

If you're planning downtime in which you quiesce job execution (i.e.,
schedule a maintenance reservation), and have image configs to change for
the slurmd/worker nodes, you can just go ahead and bring up the worker node
with the latest stable v19 (NB, this assumes that they do not have running
jobs) _after_ you bring up the controller/dbd nodes.

For the controller/dbd nodes, the imperative important consideration is
that you upgrade by no more than 2 releases at a time. We no longer have
any 15.XX tar balls available. Note that a major release is denoted by NN.MM,
where any difference in NN or MM is a different major release. For example,
17.02.xx and 17.11.xx reference two different major releases (17.02 and
17.11). This bit me before when upgrading from 15.MM to 17.11.xx.

The underlying issue is database schema compatibility/regression. Each
upgrade is only intended to provided capability to successfully upgrade the
schema from two versions back.

So... what you need to do is find the major release versions following
15.08, e.g:

1. 15.08,
2. ?? (We've got a 16.05 tar ball)
3. ?? (probably 17.02)

That will get you into the current tarball versions you can download from
schedmd. If 16.05 is the only major version between 15.08 and 17.02, you
should be able to upgrade directly to 17.02; _however_, I can't confirm
that it is. You'll need to have someone else pipe up to confirm this.

...and you should follow the upgrade instructions on schedmd.com. Note that
you need to start the slurmdbd before the slurmctld, and be patient while
slurmdbd updates the schema.


On Mon, Jul 8, 2019 at 3:50 PM Pariksheet Nanda <pariksheet.nanda at gmail.com>

> Hi SLURM devs,
> TL;DR: What magic incantations are needed to preprocess the slurm.spec
> file in SLURM 15?
> Our cluster is currently running SLURM version 15.08.11.  We are planning
> some downtime to upgrade to 17 and then to 19, and in preparation for the
> upgrade I'm simulating the upgrade steps in libvirt Vagrant VMs with
> Ansible playbooks.
> However the issue I'm running into is using the GitHub tarball [1] the
> slurm.spec file has invalid entries:
> pan14001 at becat-pan ~/src/ansible-hpc-storrs $ vagrant ssh head1
> Last login: Thu Jun  6 14:00:18 2019 from
> [vagrant at head1 ~]$ sudo su -
> [root at head1 ~]# cd /tmp/
> [root at head1 tmp]# rpmbuild -ta ~/src/slurm-15-08-11-1.tar.gz
> error: line 89: Tag takes single token only: Name:    see META file
> [root at head1 tmp]# tar --strip-components=1 -xf
> ~/src/slurm-15-08-11-1.tar.gz slurm-slurm-15-08-11-1/slurm.spec
> [root at head1 tmp]# grep -F META slurm.spec
> Name:    see META file
> Version: see META file
> Release: see META file
> [root at head1 tmp]#
> In the past when we installed SLURM we used the tarballs from the
> slurm.schedmd.com website which behaved differently.  But I see those
> tarballs have been removed due to the security vulnerability
> (CVE-2018-10995); all versions of Slurm prior to 17.02.11 or 17.11.7 are no
> longer available for download from the SchedMD website.
> Presumably there is some preprocessing step to substitute the "see META
> file" comments strings?  I'm not able to find any build automation that
> processes the slurm.spec file.
> Pariksheet
> [1] https://github.com/SchedMD/slurm/archive/slurm-15-08-11-1.tar.gz
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