[slurm-users] Priority access for a group of users

David Baker D.J.Baker at soton.ac.uk
Fri Feb 15 09:07:01 UTC 2019


We have a small set of compute nodes owned by a group. The group has agreed that the rest of the HPC community can use these nodes providing that they (the owners) can always have priority access to the nodes. The four nodes are well provisioned (1 TByte memory each plus 2 GRID K2 graphics cards) and so there is no need to worry about preemption. In fact I'm happy for the nodes to be used as well as possible by all users. It's just that jobs from the owners must take priority if resources are scarce.

What is the best way to achieve the above in slurm? I'm planning to place the nodes in their own partition. The node owners will have priority access to the nodes in that partition, but will have no advantage when submitting jobs to the public resources. Does anyone please have any ideas how to deal with this?

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