[slurm-users] Need to execute a binary with arguments on a node

Jacek Budzowski j.budzowski at cyfronet.pl
Thu Dec 19 12:50:58 UTC 2019


Don't use quotation marks with your command.
For example, you can execute:

srun hostname -f

but it won't work when you type:

srun  "hostname -f"

That's because it would try to execute "hostname -f" executalbe, not 
only "hostname" with "-f" as an argument.

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W dniu 18.12.2019 o 19:23, Dean Schulze pisze:
> This is a rookie question.  I can use the srun command to execute a 
> simple command like "ls" or "hostname" on a node.   But I haven't 
> found a way to add arguments like "ls -lart".
> What I need to do is execute a binary that takes arguments (like 
> "a.out arg1 arg2 arg3) that exists on the node.
> Is srun the right way to do this or do I need a script or something else?
> Thanks.

Jacek Budzowski
System administrator
ACC Cyfronet AGH

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