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Kees de Jong keesdejong+lst at gmail.com
Sat Dec 14 11:18:44 UTC 2019


I've been tinkering around with federated SLURM and I have a few
questions regarding how federated it really can be.

* A federated cluster can consist out of clusters using SLURM > 17.11,
these clusters then share the *same* database, correct?
* Mixing different SLURM versions with a slurmdbd is not supported,
* Using this illustration [1], a federated cluster must use the same
SLURM version as the "on-premise" cluster slurmdbd version, which runs
the central database. Thus the Google Cloud Platform must run the same
SLURM version as the "on-premise" one for compatibility, correct?

Other concerns are e.g. different mounted file systems (Lustre), and
other differences.

If SLURM versions must be compatible and jobs also expect a compatible
system (if cloud bursting is applied with large jobs). So the main
question then becomes; how federated can federated SLURM be? It seems
to be that identical sites are required in order to make this work.

With the definition of federation, I was expecting to a certain extend
autonomous sites, joined together in a federation. If I'm right or
wrong, please let me know! :)


Met vriendelijke groet,
Kees de Jong

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