[slurm-users] Lua jobsubmit plugin for cons_tres ?

Paul Edmon pedmon at cfa.harvard.edu
Wed Dec 11 17:50:31 UTC 2019

We do this via looking at gres.  The info is in the job_desc.gres 
variable.  We basically do the inverse where we ensure some one is 
asking for the gpu before allowing them to submit to a gpu partition.

-Paul Edmon-

On 12/11/2019 12:32 PM, Grigory Shamov wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am trying the newest SLURM 19.05 and its new cons_tres plugin.
> Is there a way to handle its new GPU options in Lua job submit plugin?
> That is, something like "detect if a job has ‹gpus-per-node, assign it to
> a GPU partition"?
> Thank you very much in advance!

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