[slurm-users] Question about networks and connectivity

Sysadmin CAOS sysadmin.caos at uab.cat
Mon Dec 9 13:54:33 UTC 2019

Hi mercan,

OK, I forgot to compile OpenMPI with Infiniband support... But I still 
have a doubt: SLURM scheduler assigns (offers) some nodes called 
"node0x" to my sbatch job because in my SLURM cluster nodes have been 
added with "node0x" name. My OpenMPI application has been (now) compiled 
with ibverbs support.. but how I tell to my application or to my SLURM 
sbatch submit script that my MPI program MUST use Infiniband network? If 
SLURM has assigned to me node01 and node02 (with IP address 
and in a gigabit network) and Infiniband is 192.168.13.x, 
who transform from "clus01" ( and "clus02" ( 
to "infi01" ( and "infi02" (

This step still baffles me...

Sorry if my question is easy for you... but now I have been entered in a 
sea of doubts.


El 05/12/2019 a las 14:27, mercan escribió:
> Hi;
> Your mpi and NAMD use your second network because of your applications 
> did not compiled for infiniband. There are many compiled NAMD 
> versions. the verb and ibverb versions are for using infiniband. Also, 
> when you compiling the mpi source, you should check configure script 
> detect the infiniband network to use infiniband. And even while 
> compiling the slurm too.
> Regards;
>  Ahmet M.
> On 5.12.2019 15:07, sysadmin.caos wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Really, I don't know if my question is for this mailing list... but I 
>> will explain my problem and, then, you could answer me whatever you 
>> think ;)
>> I manage a SLURM clusters composed by 3 networks:
>>   * a gigabit network used for NFS shares (192.168.11.X). In this
>>     network, my nodes are "node01, node02..." in /etc/hosts.
>>   * a gigabit network used by SLURM (all my nodes are added to SLURM
>>     cluster using this network and the hostname assigned via /etc/host
>>     to this second network). (192.168.12.X). In this network, my nodes
>>     are "clus01, clus02..." in /etc/hosts.
>>   * a Infiniband network (192.168.13.X). In this network, my nodes are
>>     "infi01, infi02..." in /etc/hosts.
>> When I submit a MPI job, SLURM scheduler offers me "n" nodes called, 
>> for example, clus01 and clus02 and, there, my application runs 
>> perfectly using second network for SLURM connectivity and first 
>> network for NFS (and NIS) shares. By default, as SLURM connectivity 
>> is on second network, my nodelist contains nodes called "clus0x".
>> However, now, I'm getting a "new" problem. I want to use third 
>> network (Infiniband), but as SLURM offers me "clus0x" (second 
>> network), my MPI application runs OK but using second network. This 
>> problem also occurs, for example, using NAMD (Charmrun) application.
>> So, my questions are:
>>  1. is this SLURM configuration correct for using both networks?
>>      1. If answer is "no", how do I configure SLURM for my purpose?
>>      2. But if answer is "yes", how can I ensure connections in my
>>         SLURM job are going in Infiniband?
>> Thanks a lot!!

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