[slurm-users] combine RAM between different nodes

Alex Chekholko alex at calicolabs.com
Wed Apr 17 21:43:18 UTC 2019

Hey Suzanne,

In order to "combine" RAM between different systems, you will need a
hardware/software solution like ScaleMP, or you need a software framework
like OpenMPI.  If your software is already written to use MPI then, in a
sense, it is "combining" the memory.

SLURM is a resource manager and only helps you allocate and track the usage
of the memory.

Here is an example link you may find useful:


On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 2:26 PM Susanne Pfeifer <spfeife1 at asu.edu> wrote:

> Dear slurm community,
> I am relatively new to Slurm and I am wondering whether it is possible
> to combine RAM between different nodes (e.g., can I combine three nodes
> with 384GB RAM each to run a job that requires 1TB RAM)? And if, could
> you please advise how to do so (I can't seem to find any documentation
> online)? Thank you!
> Best,
> Susanne
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