[slurm-users] Upgrading a slurm on a cluster, 17.02 --> 18.08

Baker D.J. D.J.Baker at soton.ac.uk
Wed Sep 26 09:55:43 MDT 2018

Thank you for your reply. You're correct, the systemd commands aren't invoked, however upgrading the slurm rpm effectively pulls the rug from under /usr/sbin/slurmctld. The v17.02 slurm rpm provides /usr/sbin/slurmctld, but from v17.11 that executable is provided by the slurm-slurmctld rpm.

In other words, doing a minimal install of just the slurm and the slurmdbd rpms deletes the slurmctld executable. I haven't explicitly tested this, however I tested the upgrade on a compute node and experimented with the slurmd -- the logic should be the same.

I guess that the question that comes to mind is.. Is it a really big deal if the slurmctld process is down whilst the slurmdbd is being upgraded? Bearing in mind that I will probably opt to suspend all run jobs and stop the partitions during the upgrade.

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On Tuesday, 25 September 2018 11:54:31 PM AEST Baker D. J.  wrote:

> That will certainly work, however the slurmctld (or in the case of my test
> node, the slurmd) will be killed. The logic is that at v17.02 the slurm rpm
> provides slurmctld and slurmd. So upgrading that rpm will destroy/kill the
> existing slurmctld or slurmd processes.

If you do that with the --noscripts then will it really kill the process?
Nothing should invoke the systemd commands with that, should it?  Or do you
mean taking the libraries, etc, away out underneath of the running process
will cause it to crash?

Might be worth testing that on on a VM to see if it will happen.

Best of luck!
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