[slurm-users] External provisioning for accounts and other things (?)

Thomas M. Payerle payerle at umd.edu
Tue Sep 18 14:01:39 MDT 2018

We make use of an large home grown library of Perl scripts this for
creating allocations, creating users, adding users to allocations, etc.

We have a number of "flavors" of allocations, but most allocation
creation/disabling activity occurs with respect to applications for
allocations which are reviewed by a faculty committee, and although
percentage of applications approved is rather high, it is not automatic
(and many involve requesting the applicant to elaborate or provide
additional information).  While we are in the process of migrating the
"application process" to ServiceNow, it will only be as the web form
backend and to track the applications, votes/comments of the faculty
committee, etc.  The actual creation of allocations, etc. is all done
manually, albeit by simply invoking a single script or two with a handful
of parameters.  The scripts take care of all the Unixy and Slurm tasks
required to create the allocation, etc., as well as sending the standard
welcome email to the allocation
"owner",  updating local DBs about the new allocation, etc., and keeping a
log a what was done and why (i.e. linking the action to the specific
application).  Scripts exist for
a variety of standard tasks, both high and low level.

A couple of the underlying libraries (Perl wrappers around sacctmgr and
sshare commands) are available on CPAN (Slurm::Sacctmgr, Slurm::Sshare);
the rest lack the polish and finish required for publishing on CPAN.

On Tue, Sep 18, 2018 at 3:02 PM David Rhey <drhey at umich.edu> wrote:

> Hello, All,
> First time caller, long-time listener. Does anyone use any sort of
> external tool (e.g. a form submission) that generates accounts for their
> Slurm environment (notably for new accounts/allocations)? An example of
> this would be: a group or user needs us to provision resources for them to
> run on and so they submit a form to us with information on their needs and
> we provision for them.
> If anyone is using external utilities, are they manually putting that in
> or are they leveraging Slurm APIs to do this? It's a long shot, but if
> anyone is doing this with ServiceNow, I'd be extra interested in how you
> achieved that.
> Thanks!
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> David Rhey
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