[slurm-users] Job walltime

Jeffrey Frey frey at udel.edu
Wed Oct 17 07:13:05 MDT 2018

If you check the sbatch man page, there's no similar variable listed for the job environment.  You can:

(1) write/add to a spank plugin to set that in the job environment

(2) implement a patch yourself and submit it to SchedMD

(3) submit a request to SchedMD (if you have a contract) to have that added to Slurm

Our latest cluster is our first use of Slurm (used to be SGE/UGE) so we wrote a spank plugin that adds an SGE-like environment at the user's request.  Makes it easier for some to get onboard immediately and alter their workflow to Slurm gradually.  Option (1) is the lowest hanging fruit for you.

Option (2) nets you the functionality you want AND could make it available to others who have missed it, too.  Honestly, having that in the job environment by default (SLURM_TIMELIMIT) seems like a fine idea.  Problem is, until SchedMD merges it into a release you're stuck patching each release yourself.

Option (3) isn't guaranteed to get you that functionality -- ever or in the time frame you're seeking.  So in the meantime you'd probably have to do option (1), too.

> On Oct 17, 2018, at 7:10 AM, Andy Georges <Andy.Georges at UGent.be> wrote:
> Hello,
> We are migrating away from a Torque/Moab setup. For user convenience, we’re trying to make the differences minimal. 
> I am wondering is there is a way to set the job walltime in the job environment (to set $PBS_WALLTIME). It’s unclear to me how this information can be retrieved on the worker node, e.g., in the SPANK environment (prolog, or in each job step). I do not readily see an env. variable that contains the relevant information I need, unless I overlooked it, nor do I see how to set the information in the code that’s available through the PBS spank plugin. There is some job information I can reach there, it seems, but it does not contain what I need.
> All suggestions are appreciated.
> Thanks,
> — Andy

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