[slurm-users] Job walltime

Andy Georges Andy.Georges at UGent.be
Wed Oct 17 05:10:07 MDT 2018


We are migrating away from a Torque/Moab setup. For user convenience, we’re trying to make the differences minimal. 

I am wondering is there is a way to set the job walltime in the job environment (to set $PBS_WALLTIME). It’s unclear to me how this information can be retrieved on the worker node, e.g., in the SPANK environment (prolog, or in each job step). I do not readily see an env. variable that contains the relevant information I need, unless I overlooked it, nor do I see how to set the information in the code that’s available through the PBS spank plugin. There is some job information I can reach there, it seems, but it does not contain what I need.

All suggestions are appreciated.

— Andy 

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