[slurm-users] how to easily to obtain jobid for array jobs?

Loris Bennett loris.bennett at fu-berlin.de
Thu Oct 11 04:58:40 MDT 2018

Hi Daan,

Daan van Rossum <d.r.vanrossum at gmx.de> writes:

> Dear slurm-users,
> My users complain about not being able to cancel array jobs (on slurm 17.11.3).
> The problem is that squeue by default outputs the %i (job step id) for array jobs, which cannot be used in scancel.  What /can/ be used is %A (job id).  How can I tell users to easily find that number?  There is certainly a better way to obtain the jobid than by translating between %i and %A using:
> # squeue -o '%i %A' | grep $jobstepid
> Is there a way to customize the default squeue output format?
> Thanks, Daan
> From the man page:
>               %i    Job  or  job  step id.  In the case of job arrays, the
>                     job    ID    format    will    be    of    the    form
>                     "<base_job_id>_<index>".
>               %A    Job id.  This will have a unique value for  each  ele‐
>                     ment of job arrays.  (Valid for jobs only)

You could always just use overwrite squeue with alias which you put it
in /etc/profile.d or where ever you have your global setting, although
this could also potentially cause some confusion.



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