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According to the documentation, the slurm munge rpm will be built if the
munge libraries are installed.

In CentOS 7.4 I have munge, munge-devel and munge-libs install, via yum.
The libs are in /usr/lib64, the bins are in /usr/bin, the daemon is in

Neither machine on which I run `rpmbuild -ta slurm-version.tar.gz` creates
the slurm-munge rpm.

Creating a /root/.rpmmacro with

%with_munge "--with-munge=/usr/lib64"

Also doesn't work.

Munge is started and working - systemctl status munge returns "Active:
active (running)" as I'd expect.

When I redirect the rpmbuild stdout I see

checking for munge installation... /usr

there is a lot of making various slurm munge .a's etc.

Ah. Further down I see

Obsoletes: slurm-lua slurm-munge slurm-plugins

slurm-munge is obsoleted?

What am I doing wrong?


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