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Eric F. Alemany ealemany at stanford.edu
Tue May 22 10:33:03 MDT 2018


I have a question regarding the pathname of the filetxt in AccountingStorageLoc
slurm.schedmd.com<http://slurm.schedmd.com> says:

"Storing the accounting information into text files is very simple. Just configure the appropriate plugin (e.g.AccountingStorageType=accounting_storage/filetxt and/orJobCompType=jobcomp/filetxt) and then specify the pathname of the file (e.g. AccountingStorageLoc=/var/log/slurm/accountingand/or JobCompLoc=/var/log/slurm/job_completions)."

Can I choose any path that i want to store the filetxt? e.g.  AccountingStorageLoc=/media/slurmlog/accounting
do i need to stick with AccountingStorageLoc=/var/log/slurm/accounting?

Thank you!



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