[slurm-users] How to find user limit in SLURM

Sébastien VIGNERON sebastien.vigneron at criann.fr
Mon May 21 02:44:58 MDT 2018


If it can help, I use these bash aliases for the same purpose (easier to read than default output format):

# show every associations of every user.
# if user=username is passed, show only associations for the specific user username
# see "man sacctmgr" for more
function cri_show_assoc ()
    sacctmgr -p list associations $@ format=Account,User,Partition,Qos,DefaultQOS tree | column -ts'|'

# show every QoS definition
# if name=qosname is passed, show only the specific QoS qosname definition
# see "man sacctmgr" for more
function cri_show_qos ()
    sacctmgr -p list qos $@ format=Name,Priority,GraceTime,GrpTRES,GrpJobs,GrpSubmit,GrpSubmit,MaxTRES,MaxTRESPerUser,MaxJobsPU | column -ts'|'

$ cri_show_assoc user=u
Account  User  Partition  QOS            Def QOS
acc1     u     part1      q_acc1_part1     q_acc1_part1
acc1     u     part2      q_acc1_part2     q_acc1_part2
acc1     u     part3      q_acc1_part3     q_acc1_part3
acc1     u     part4      q_acc1_part4     q_acc1_part4
acc1     u     part5      q_acc1_part5     q_acc1_part5
acc1     u     part6      q_acc1_part6     q_acc1_part6
acc1     u     part7      q_acc1_part7     q_acc1_part7
acc1     u     part7      q_acc1_part7     q_acc1_part7
acc1     u     part8      q_acc1_part8     q_acc1_part8
acc1     u     part9      q_acc1_part9     q_acc1_part9
acc1     u     part10     q_acc1_part10    q_acc1_part10
acc1     u                q_acc1           q_acc1

$ cri_show_qos name=q_acc1
Name    Priority  GraceTime  GrpTRES  GrpJobs  GrpSubmit  MaxTRES  MaxTRESPU  MaxJobsPU
q_acc1  0         00:00:00                     2000                cpu=4200

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> Le 21 mai 2018 à 03:41, Lachlan Musicman <datakid at gmail.com> a écrit :
> On 21 May 2018 at 11:36, Lachlan Musicman <datakid at gmail.com <mailto:datakid at gmail.com>> wrote:
> On 21 May 2018 at 11:29, 程迪 <chengdi123000 at gmail.com <mailto:chengdi123000 at gmail.com>> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am using SLURM as a normal user. I want to find the usage limit of my user. I can access the slurm's config via `scontrol show config`. But it is my user's limit.
> I can find the account of my user by `sacctmgr show user di`. But I cannot find the QOS or usage limit of my user. 
> Is it possible to do that?
> Yes :) QoS is managed by sacctmgr:
> sacctmgr show qos
> Sorry Cheng, I only gave you half the answer.
> That command will show you the QOS that have been set on the cluster.
> To get a user's QoS, try
> sacctmgr list associations format=Account,User,Partition,qos
> If you have a lot of users (like me) I find that grep helps
> sacctmgr list associations format=Account,User,Partition,qos | grep <id>
> Cheers
> L.

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