[slurm-users] Python and R installation in a SLURM cluster

Eric F. Alemany ealemany at stanford.edu
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Hi Lachlan,

Thank you for sharing your environment. Everyone has their own set of rules and i appreciate everyone’s input.
It seems as if the NFS share is a great place to start.


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Hi All,

I know this might sounds as a very basic question: where in the cluster should I install Python and R?
Execute nodes ?

And is there a particular directory (path) I need to install Python and R.

SLURM on Ubuntu 18.04
1 headnode
4 execute nodes
NFS shared drive among all nodes.


To echo the others: we have a /binaries nfs share that utilises the standard Environment Modules software so that researchers can manipulate their $PATH on the fly with module load/module unload. That share is mounted on all the nodes.

For Python, I use virtualenv's but instead of activating, the path is changed by the Module file. Personally, I find conda doesn't work very well in a shared environment. It's fine on a personal level/

For R, we have resorted to only installing the main point release because we have >700 libraries installed within R and I don't want to reinstall them every time. We do also have packrat installed so researchers can install their own libraries locally as well.


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