[slurm-users] sacct fields AllocCPUS and ReqMem are empty

Benjamin Rampe benjamin.rampe at uni-jena.de
Fri May 4 08:43:32 MDT 2018

Hello everybody,

On 04/05/18 16:06, Chris Samuel wrote:
> On Friday, 4 May 2018 4:25:04 PM AEST Marcel Sommer wrote:
>> Does anyone have an explanation for this?

> I think you're asking for functionality that is only supported with slurmdbd.

I'm interested in that problem too.
I haven't found anything in the documentation that talks about
limitations regarding job accounting.
Until now, I thought the database is mainly needed for the (fair-)shares.
Additionally I find the sacct -o behavior (at least on 16.05) weird /
unstrict: it matches the options as long as it is a prefix of a
documented one, e.g., "Alloc". Is that by intention?

Fair-share Factor
Note: Computing the fair-share factor requires the installation and
operation of the Slurm Accounting Database to provide the assigned
shares and the consumed, computing resources described below.
could be interpreted that a database is strictly needed, but nothing in
the man page to slurm.conf nor "Accounting and Resource Limits"
(https://slurm.schedmd.com/accounting.html) point towards any details
where the plugins differ.

Does anyone know a compact comparison of plugin settins where features /
limitations are listed?

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