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Mahmood Naderan mahmood.nt at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 09:54:52 MDT 2018

First, if I just add a user to the linux system, then slurm will
automatically adds an account named "local". Is that right?

Then I set a limit for a user to use only one core and 1000M of memory. the
command is

[root at rocks7 mahmood]# sacctmgr modify user mahmood set
 Modified user associations...
  C = orca       A = local                U = mahmood
Would you like to commit changes? (You have 30 seconds to decide)
(N/y): y
[root at rocks7 mahmood]# sacctmgr show associations
   Cluster    Account       User       GrpTRES
---------- ---------- ---------- -------------
      orca       root
      orca       root       root
      orca      local
      orca      local    mahmood cpu=1,mem=10+

However, as I run a job with 2 cores, I see that the state is running!!

[mahmood at rocks7 ~]$ squeue
             JOBID PARTITION     NAME     USER ST       TIME  NODES
[mahmood at rocks7 ~]$ cat sl2.sh
SBATCH --job-name = test
SBATCH --mem = 20M
SBATCH --ntasks = 2
SBATCH --output = test.txt
/share/apps/stress/bin/stress -c 2
[mahmood at rocks7 ~]$ sbatch sl2.sh
Submitted batch job 7
[mahmood at rocks7 ~]$ squeue
             JOBID PARTITION     NAME     USER ST       TIME  NODES
                 7   CLUSTER   sl2.sh  mahmood  R       0:03      1
[mahmood at rocks7 ~]$

I think something is wrong. Any idea?


On Sat, Mar 24, 2018 at 5:31 PM, Chris Samuel <chris at csamuel.org> wrote:
> On Saturday, 24 March 2018 3:42:38 PM AEDT Mahmood Naderan wrote:
>> What do you mean by user and account?
> User = a user who has been created in Unix and then added to slurmdbd (the
> second part is essential)
> Account = A Slurm entity that can be thought of as a project or bank
> (the term used in the documentation).
>> Assume I have created a user
>> account (bob) with useradd command. I wan to set some limits for him.
> You also need to add the user to slurmdbd too!
>> The GrpTRES format is not clear for me. I assume that mem=200 is a
>> global 200MB of memory limit for all running jobs of bob. Therefore,
>> if bob is a running job with --mem=100MB, he will not be able to run a
>> second job with --mem=300MB. Is that right?
> That is my understanding.  I've never used GrpTRES for a user, only on
> accounts.
>> I don't understand the 1500 value for cpu though. Is that the number of
>> cores?!
> Yes, that's - they can use no more than 1,500 CPU cores across the whole
> cluster.
> All the best,
> Chris
> --
>  Chris Samuel  :  http://www.csamuel.org/  :  Melbourne, VIC
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