[slurm-users] What's the best way to suppress core dump files from jobs?

Michael Jennings mej at lanl.gov
Wed Mar 21 13:44:43 MDT 2018

On Wednesday, 21 March 2018, at 20:14:22 (+0100),
Ole Holm Nielsen wrote:

> Thanks for your friendly advice!  I keep forgetting about Systemd
> details, and your suggestions are really detailed and useful for
> others!  Do you mind if I add your advice to my Slurm Wiki page?

Of course not!  Especially not for you. :-)  You are always welcome to
repost/share any helpful/useful information I've provided, even from
direct e-mails.  I would tell you if I wanted something kept
confidential....  :-)

Writing and maintaining good system documentation is an essential, and
often far too rare, quality of a good sysadmin.  Someone who takes the
time and care to document and share their know-how and experience with
their teammates is worth their weight in gold.  Someone who goes a
step further and documents publicly for the benefit of the overall
community?  Well, they're worth their weight in platinum!  (Or, in my
line of work, plutonium!) ;-)

Your hard work and dedication to the global SLURM/HPC community
continues to be noticed and greatly appreciated.  I just wish there
were more of you! :-D  And FWIW, I point folks to your wiki and pestat


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