[slurm-users] UsageFactor in combination with GrpTRESRunMins

Henkel, Andreas henkel at uni-mainz.de
Wed Mar 21 09:11:18 MDT 2018


recently, while trying a new configuration I came cross a Problem. In principal, we have one big Partition containing all nodes with PriorityTier=2. Each account got GrpTRESRunMin=cpu=<#somelimit> set. Every now and then we have the Situation that part of the nodes are idling. For this we created a second Partition with PriorityTier=1 and a GrpTRESRunMin-limit as PartitionQOS, which is larger than the one set on each account. Another Problem arises here: since both Partitions are configured equally (except for the mentioned Points) Jobs running in that scavenger-partition hinders the Jobs from starting in the regular Partition with pending reason AssocGrpTRESRunLimit. We wanted to solve this by using UsageFactor<<1 on the scavenger Partition or the Jobs running in that Partition. Unfortunately, UsageFactor doesn't take Usagefactor into account. Is that correct? We would like to have running Jobs in scavenger do not Count to the TRESRunMin but are accounted for regularly after the Job finished. Any hints? Also hints as for where in the source Code I could accomodate for this (guessing for acct_policy.c at the Moment)?

Best regards,


Dr. Andreas Henkel
Data Center
JGU Mainz
Anselm-Franz-von-Bentzelweg 12
55099 Mainz

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