[slurm-users] Submit Slurm Job in PE environment

Anson Abraham anson.abraham at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 15:33:39 MDT 2018

Relatively new to Slurm.  I've been using Sun GridEngine mostly.
I have a cluster of 3 machines each with 8 cores.  In SGE i allocate the PE
slots per machine, where if i submit 24 jobs it'll run all 24 jobs (b/c
each job will use 1 core).
however, if i submit job in Slurm through sbatch i can only get it to run 3
jobs at a time, even when i define the cpus_per_task.  I was told to use
openMPI for this.
i'm not familiar w/ openMPI so i did an apt install of libopenmpi-dev.

Do i have to loop through my job submission w/ mpirun
and run an sbatch outside of it?
Again, i'm still new to this, and w/ sge it was pretty straight fwd where
all i had to do was:
 loop through files
    qsub -N {name of job}  script.sh {filename}.

not sure how would i do so here.
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