[slurm-users] Within-association management?

Pär Lindfors paran at nsc.liu.se
Tue Jun 5 14:58:58 MDT 2018

Hi Jonathan,

On 06/05/2018 05:55 PM, Jonathan Greenberg wrote:
> User 1: submits 8 jobs of 1 hour each
> User 2: submits 4 jobs of 1 hour each immediately after User 1
> User 2's jobs must wait until all of User 1's jobs complete.  Is there
> some way to "interleave" users (within an association)?  Something as
> simple as a within-association round-robin would be acceptable?

I am guessing that you use PriorityType=priority/basic, which is the
default. You should look at configuring priority/multifactor and some
suitable PriorityWeight-options, especially PriorityWeightFairshare.

Slurm calculates fairshare hierarchically, so in your example, when
user1 have jobs running, the usage of user1 increases, making fairshare
priority for user1's pendin jobs decrease, while user2's pending jobs
fairshare priority increase.

Check out this page:


Whenever using hierarchical fairshare I also recommend considering
enabling FAIR_TREE:


>  What
> options do we have so one user doesn't dominate an association's
> resources (short of restricting resources from the sbatch job).

Give the users different number of Shares of the association, or you can
set limits on the individual user associations:


Pär Lindfors, NSC

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