[slurm-users] Within-association management?

Jonathan Greenberg jgrn307 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 09:55:52 MDT 2018


I run a lab with a number of users who are in the same assoc.  Right now,
when users submit a job, the queue seems to be based on the association, so
given this situation:

User 1: submits 8 jobs of 1 hour each
User 2: submits 4 jobs of 1 hour each immediately after User 1

User 2's jobs must wait until all of User 1's jobs complete.  Is there some
way to "interleave" users (within an association)?  Something as simple as
a within-association round-robin would be acceptable?  What options do we
have so one user doesn't dominate an association's resources (short of
restricting resources from the sbatch job).

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