[slurm-users] Mixed x86 and ARM cluster

Jason Bacon bacon4000 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 07:09:12 MST 2018

What Yair said and...

I've run a NetBSD compute node in our test cluster alongside FreeBSD and 

Once I get the pkgsrc (http://pkgsrc.org/) package updated and tested, 
it should be pretty simple to run a heterogeneous cluster.

Just deploy SLURM via the same pkgsrc snapshot on all nodes and you'll 
have essentially identical installations all around.

Pkgsrc supports just about any POSIX OS and architecture (some better 
than others, of course, with NetBSD and Linux at the top).

On 01/07/18 04:01, Yair Yarom wrote:
> Hi,
> We have here a linux x86 submission node for a power8 compute nodes,
> where the slurmctld and slurmdbd are running on an altogether different
> freebsd x86 machine. So yes, it should work :)
> Just make sure all the daemons are the same version, and take notes of
> where the monitoring and maintenance scripts, and the plugins are
> running (i.e. with slurmd or slurmctld) so that they will be available
> and compatible with the proper architecture.
> HTH,
>      Yair.
> On Sun, Jan 07 2018, Steve Caruso <steven_c_caruso at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Can slurm run on an x86 server and submit and manage jobs on ARM-based compute
>> nodes?
>> TIA,
>> Steve
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Earth is a beta site.

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