[slurm-users] Limit job_submit.lua script for only srun

sysadmin.caos sysadmin.caos at uab.cat
Wed Apr 25 07:26:01 MDT 2018


I have written my own job_submit.lua script for limiting "srun" 
executions to one processor, one task and one node. If I test it with 
"srun", all works fine. However, if now I try to run a sbatch job with 
"-N 12" or "-n 2", job_submit.lua is also checked and, then, my job is 
rejected because I'm requesting more than one task and more than one 
node. So, is it possible that lua script only active when user runs a 
"srun" and not a "sbatch"? I have been reading "typedef struct 
job_descriptor" at slurm/slurm.h file but there is no record that keeps 
command run by the user in the command line.


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