[slurm-users] Partition 'alias'?

Chris Samuel chris at csamuel.org
Tue Apr 24 02:18:33 MDT 2018

On Tuesday, 24 April 2018 5:40:22 PM AEST Diego Zuccato wrote:

> I'd say they do *not* act as a single partition... Unless I missed some
> key detail, once a node is assigned a job in a partition, it's
> unavailable *as a whole* to other partitions.

No, that's not right, we have overlapping partitions where one is for non-GPU 
jobs (which get 32 of 36 cores per node) and another for GPU jobs (which gets 
all 36 cores - our submit filter enforces partition selection) and a job from 
one partition can start on a node which has jobs from the other partition (or 
both) on it.

A job can be submitted to many partitions (modulo local policy) but once it 
starts it is only in one partition, that might be what you are thinking of 

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