[slurm-users] Problem with assigning user to partition

Loris Bennett loris.bennett at fu-berlin.de
Fri Apr 20 01:39:00 MDT 2018

Mahmood Naderan <mahmood.nt at gmail.com> writes:

> OK I will do that. But let me first try simple situations, e.g. one account.
> May I ask what is the problem with the following config?
> [root at rocks7 ~]# sacctmgr list association
> format=account,user,partition,association
>    Account       User  Partition     Assocs
> ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
>       root
>       root       root
>      local
>      local      hamid
>      local    mahmood
> [root at rocks7 ~]# sacctmgr modify user where name=mahmood account=local
> set partition=MONTHLY1
>  Unknown option: partition=MONTHLY1
>  Use keyword 'where' to modify condition

I thinks the option should be 'partitions', plural.

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