[slurm-users] slurm jobs are pending but resources are available

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> perhaps i missed something in the email, but it sounds like you have
> 56 cores, you have two running jobs that consume 52 cores, leaving you
> four free.  then a third job came along and requested 20 cores (based
> on the the show job output).  slurm doesn't overcommit resources, so a
> 20 cpu job will not fit if there are only four cpus free

I think you might have missed something in the email as in fact I have 56 cores 
and I "request" 52 in total: 2 jobs requesting 16 cores and one requesting 20 - that can 
be clearly seen from the logs I have "attached" in my message.

The jobs requesting 16 cores come from the same user and are properly allocated but 
the one requesting 20 cores comes from another user and it's put in pending state although
there are still 24 cores available.

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