[slurm-users] What version I should install?

Chris Samuel chris at csamuel.org
Tue Apr 17 02:06:42 MDT 2018

On Tuesday, 17 April 2018 5:14:39 PM AEST David Rodríguez wrote:

> There are two steps that change a little from actual version. For example,
> in slurm-17.11.5-1 does not appear "slurm-plugins-$VER*rpm"

Yes, that's a change documented in the RELEASE_NOTES for Slurm 17.11.x.

NOTE: The slurm.spec file used to build RPM packages has been
      aggressively refactored, and some package names may now be
      different. Notably, the three daemons (slurmctld,
      slurmd/slurmstepd, slurmdbd) each have their own separate
      package with the binary and the appropriate systemd service
      file, which will be installed automatically (but not enabled).
      The slurm-plugins, slurm-munge, and slurm-lua package has been
      removed, and the contents moved in to the main slurm package.
      The slurm-sql package has been removed, and merged in with the
      slurm (job_comp_mysql.so) and slurm-slurmdbd
      (accounting_storage_mysql) packages.

The example configuration files have been moved to slurm-example-configs.

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