[slurm-users] PID file /var/run/slurm/slurmd.pid not readable (yet?) after start:

Christian Goll CGoll at suse.de
Mon Apr 9 12:09:11 MDT 2018

Hello list,
we have encountered the issue that with SUSE on the startup of every
slurm daemon we get an error message like the following:
PID file /var/run/slurm/slurmd.pid not readable (yet?) after start:

Can anyone please confirm that this is not a SUSE only problem?

This message is generated by systemd as soon as it detects that the
'grandparent' exits before the pid file is written, in order to fix
this, the xdaemon function has to be split up. The patches against
17.11.5 are available under
and I have also created a bug at schedmd with the appropriate patches.

kind regards,

Christian Goll
CGoll at suse.de

SUSE Linux GmbH
GF: Felix Imend├Ârffer, Jane Smithard, Graham Norton HRB 21284 (AG
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