[slurm-users] Show job command after completion with sacct

Chris Samuel chris at csamuel.org
Wed Nov 29 16:25:12 MST 2017

On 30/11/17 8:57 am, Jacob Chappell wrote:

> Using "scontrol show jobid X" I can see info about running jobs, 
> including the command used to launch the job, the user's working 
> directory, values of stdout, stdin, stderr, etc.

Note that the announcement for 17.11.0 mentions that the job script
will no longer appear in "scontrol show job", it's been moved to
scontrol write batch_file $FILE (don't know if that means you can
write it to stdout any more).

> With Slurm accounting 
> configured, sacct seems to show *some* of this information about jobs 
> that have completed. However, I don't seem to see the "Command" or 
> "WorkDir" field in sacct. Is it possible to record this information also 
> for jobs that have completed?

I don't believe that is recorded in the database, you'd need
to request that as a feature request from SchedMD.

Best of luck!
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