[slurm-users] giving smaller jobs higher priority

Sam Gallop (NBI) sam.gallop at nbi.ac.uk
Wed Nov 22 10:13:18 MST 2017

Hi Satra,

Have a look at PriorityFavorSmall (in slurm.conf). It may fit your needs.  Not used it myself, so I'm not able to say if it'll do exactly what you're after.

Samuel Gallop

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Subject: [slurm-users] giving smaller jobs higher priority

slurm has a way of giving larger jobs more priority. is it possible to do the reverse?

i.e., is there a way to configure priority to give smaller jobs (use less resources) higher priority than bigger ones?


resources: can be a weighted combination depending on system resources available:

w1*core + w2*memory + w3*time + w4*gpu

where core, memory, time, gpu are those requested by the job, and w1-4 are determined by system resources/group allocations.
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