[slurm-users] --exclusive=user option

Shintaro Aibara shintaro.aibara at scilifelab.se
Mon Nov 20 05:13:26 MST 2017

Dear Slurm Community,

I am a new user of slurm and struggling with some basic options. In
particular I would like to use the -s and --exclusive=user options to be
able to fire multiple jobs on a node, but only for myself.

However when I try to partially allocate myself a node, I find that it only
works when I don't have the "--exclusive=user" option. However this would
mean other users can also share the node which is not desirable in my case.
When the --exclusive=user option is enabled, my second job simple enters
the queue.

This is slurm 16.05.4. I would be happy to give more diagnostic information
if requested.

Best wishes,
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