[slurm-users] QOS Filter

Loris Bennett loris.bennett at fu-berlin.de
Fri Nov 17 02:45:00 MST 2017

Hello Dorian,

Dorian Pena <dorian.pena at univ-lorraine.fr> writes:

> Hello,
> I would like to implement a QOS filter in our slurm configuration.
> I have created four QOS (std-s,std-m,std-l,-std-xl) associated with a Partition
> called std. For each qos i have defined specific WallTime, MaxNodes, GrpNodes
> etc...
> At job submission, i would like that the right QOS is selected (depending the
> #SBATCH parameters in the sbatch script file).
> I'm currently investigating two ways for doing so :
> *Python Wrapper of sbatch command
> *JobSubmitPlugin
> Has anyone experienced one of these options ? Which one is easier to implement ?
> Is there any existing plugin or python wrapper i could modify for doing so ?

This isn't an answer, but an another (related) question:

  What are the pros and cons of automatically selecting a QOS for a user
  as opposed to allowing the user to select a QOS?

To make backfilling work more efficiently, we encourage users to make
accurate estimations of run-time by offering the following QOS:

        Name   Priority     MaxWall MaxJobs MaxSubmit 
  ---------- ---------- ----------- ------- --------- 
       short     100000    03:00:00      10        20 
      medium      10000  3-00:00:00     100       200 
        long       1000 14-00:00:00                  

Obviously someone with thousands of one-hour jobs is still going to want
to use the 'long' QOS, so the QOS could not be automatically selected
based on the run-time.  So what would be the use case for the automatic



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