[slurm-announce] Slurm version 23.02.3 is now available

Tim McMullan mcmullan at schedmd.com
Thu Jun 15 20:01:38 UTC 2023

We are pleased to announce the availability of Slurm version 23.02.3.

The 23.02.3 release includes a number of fixes to Slurm stability,
including potential slurmctld crashes when the backup slurmctld takes
over. This also fixes some issues when using older versions of the
command line tools with a 23.02 controller.

Slurm can be downloaded from https://www.schedmd.com/downloads.php .


Tim McMullan
Release Management, Support, and Development
SchedMD LLC - Commercial Slurm Development and Support

> * Changes in Slurm 23.02.3
> ==========================
>  -- Fix regression in 23.02.2 that ignored the partition DefCpuPerGPU setting
>     on the first pass of scheduling a job requesting --gpus --ntasks.
>  -- openapi/dbv0.0.39/users - If a default account update failed, resulting in a
>     no-op, the query returned success without any warning. Now a warning is sent
>     back to the client that the default account wasn't modified.
>  -- srun - fix issue creating regular and interactive steps because
>     *_PACK_GROUP* environment variables were incorrectly set on non-HetSteps.
>  -- Fix dynamic nodes getting stuck in allocated states when reconfiguring.
>  -- Avoid job write lock when nodes are dynamically added/removed.
>  -- burst_buffer/lua - allow jobs to get scheduled sooner after
>     slurm_bb_data_in completes.
>  -- mpi/pmix - fix regression introduced in 23.02.2 which caused PMIx shmem
>     backed files permissions to be incorrect.
>  -- api/submit - fix memory leaks when submission of batch regular jobs or batch
>     HetJobs fails (response data is a return code).
>  -- openapi/v0.0.39 - fix memory leak in _job_post_het_submit().
>  -- Fix regression in 23.02.2 that set the SLURM_NTASKS environment variable
>     in sbatch jobs from --ntasks-per-node when --ntasks was not requested.
>  -- Fix regression in 23.02 that caused sbatch jobs to set the wrong number
>     of tasks when requesting --ntasks-per-node without --ntasks, and also
>     requesting one of the following options: --sockets-per-node,
>     --cores-per-socket, --threads-per-core (or --hint=nomultithread), or
>     -B,--extra-node-info.
>  -- Fix double counting suspended job counts on nodes when reconfiguring, which
>     prevented nodes with suspended jobs from being powered down or rebooted
>     once the jobs completed.
>  -- Fix backfill not scheduling jobs submitted with --prefer and --constraint
>     properly.
>  -- Avoid possible slurmctld segfault caused by race condition with already
>     completed slurmdbd_conn connections.
>  -- Slurmdbd.conf checks included conf files for 0600 permissions
>  -- slurmrestd - fix regression "oversubscribe" fields were removed from job
>     descriptions and submissions from v0.0.39 end points.
>  -- accounting_storage/mysql - Query for indiviual QOS correctly when you have
>     more than 10.
>  -- Add warning message about ignoring --tres-per-tasks=license when used
>     on a step.
>  -- sshare - Fix command to work when using priority/basic.
>  -- Avoid loading cli_filter plugins outside of salloc/sbatch/scron/srun. This
>     fixes a number of missing symbol problems that can manifest for executables
>     linked against libslurm (and not libslurmfull).
>  -- Allow cloud_reg_addrs to update dynamically registered node's addrs on
>     subsequent registrations.
>  -- switch/hpe_slingshot - Fix hetjob components being assigned different vnis.
>  -- Revert a change in 22.05.5 that prevented tasks from sharing a core if
>     --cpus-per-task > threads per core, but caused incorrect accounting and cpu
>     binding. Instead, --ntasks-per-core=1 may be requested to prevent tasks from
>     sharing a core.
>  -- Correctly send assoc_mgr lock to mcs plugin.
>  -- Fix regression in 23.02 leading to error() messages being sent at INFO
>     instead of ERR in syslog.
>  -- switch/hpe_slingshot - Fix bad instant-on data due to incorrect parsing of
>     data from jackaloped.
>  -- Fix TresUsageIn[Tot|Ave] calculation for gres/gpumem and gres/gpuutil.
>  -- Avoid unnecessary gres/gpumem and gres/gpuutil TRES position lookups.
>  -- Fix issue in the gpu plugins where gpu frequencies would only be set if both
>     gpu memory and gpu frequencies were set, while one or the other suffices.
>  -- Fix reservations group ACL's not working with the root group.
>  -- slurmctld - Fix backup slurmctld crash when it takes control multiple times.
>  -- Fix updating a job with a ReqNodeList greater than the job's node count.
>  -- Fix inadvertent permission denied error for --task-prolog and --task-epilog
>     with filesystems mounted with root_squash.
>  -- switch/hpe_slingshot - remove the unused vni_pids option.
>  -- Fix missing detailed cpu and gres information in json/yaml output from
>     scontrol, squeue and sinfo.
>  -- Fix regression in 23.02 that causes a failure to allocate job steps that
>     request --cpus-per-gpu and gpus with types.
>  -- sacct - when printing PLANNED time, use end time instead of start time for
>     jobs cancelled before they started.
>  -- Fix potentially waiting indefinitely for a defunct process to finish,
>     which affects various scripts including Prolog and Epilog. This could have
>     various symptoms, such as jobs getting stuck in a completing state.
>  -- Hold the job with "(Reservation ... invalid)" state reason if the
>     reservation is not usable by the job.
>  -- Fix losing list of reservations on job when updating job with list of
>     reservations and restarting the controller.
>  -- Fix nodes resuming after down and drain state update requests from
>     clients older than 23.02.
>  -- Fix advanced reservation creation/update when an association that should
>     have access to it is composed with partition(s).
>  -- auth/jwt - Fix memory leak.
>  -- sbatch - Added new --export=NIL option.
>  -- Fix job layout calculations with --ntasks-per-gpu, especially when --nodes
>     has not been explicitly provided.
>  -- Fix X11 forwarding for jobs submitted from the slurmctld host.
>  -- When a job requests --no-kill and one or more nodes fail during the job,
>     fix subsequent job steps unable to use some of the remaining resources
>     allocated to the job.
>  -- Fix shared gres allocation when using --tres-per-task with tasks that span
>     multiple sockets.

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