[slurm-announce] Slurm versions 23.02.2 and 22.05.9 are now available

Marshall Garey marshall at schedmd.com
Thu May 4 15:40:11 UTC 2023

We are pleased to announce the availability of Slurm version 23.02.2
and Slurm version 22.05.9.

The 23.02.2 release includes a number of fixes to Slurm stability,
including a fix for a regression in 23.02 that caused openmpi
mpirun to fail to launch tasks. It also includes two functional changes:
Don't update the cron job tasks if the whole crontab file is left
untouched after opening it with "scrontab -e", and sort dynamic nodes
and include them in topology after scontrol reconfigure or a slurmctld

The 22.05.9 release includes a fix for a regression in 22.05.7 that
prevented slurmctld from connecting to an srun running outside a
compute node, and a fix to the upgrade process to 22.05 from 21.08
or 20.11 where pending jobs that had requested --mem-per-cpu could be
killed due to incorrect memory limit enforcement.

Slurm can be downloaded from https://www.schedmd.com/downloads.php .

- Marshall

Marshall Garey
Release Management, Support, and Development
SchedMD LLC - Commercial Slurm Development and Support

> * Changes in Slurm 23.02.2
> ==========================
>  -- Fix regression introduced with the migration to interfaces which caused
>     sshare to core dump. Sshare now initialized the priority context correctly
>     when calculating with PriorityFlags=NO_FAIR_TREE.
>  -- Fix IPMI DCMI sensor initialization.
>  -- For the select/cons_tres plugin, improve the best effort GPU to core
>     binding, for requests with per job task count (-n) and GPU (--gpus)
>     specification.
>  -- scrontab - don't update the cron job tasks if the whole crontab file is
>     left untouched after opening it with "scrontab -e".
>  -- mpi/pmix - avoid crashing when running PMIx v5.0 branch with shmem support.
>  -- Fix building switch topology after a reconfig with the correct nodes.
>  -- Allow a dynamic node to register with a reason, using --conf, when the
>     state is DOWN or DRAIN.
>  -- Fix slurmd running tasks before RPC Prolog is run.
>  -- Fix slurmd deadlock iff the controller were to give a bad alias_list.
>  -- slurmrestd - correctly process job submission field "exclusive" with boolean
>     True or False.
>  -- slurmrestd - correctly process job submission field "exclusive" with strings
>     "true" or "false".
>  -- slurmctld/step_mgr - prevent non-allocatable steps from decrementing values
>     that weren't previously incremented when trying to allocate them.
>  -- auth/jwt - Fix memory leak in slurmctld with 'scontrol token'.
>  -- Fix shared gres (shard/mps) leak when using --tres-per-task
>  -- Fix sacctmgr segfault when listing accounts with coordinators.
>  -- slurmrestd - improve error logging when client connections experience
>     polling errors.
>  -- slurmrestd - improve handling of sockets in different states of shutdown to
>     avoid infinite poll() loop causing a thread to max CPU usage until process
>     is killed.
>  -- slurmrestd - avoid possible segfault caused by race condition of already
>     completed connections.
>  -- mpi/cray_shasta - Fix PMI shared secret for hetjobs.
>  -- gpu/oneapi - Fix CPU affinity handling.
>  -- Fix dynamic nodes powering up when already up after adding/deleting nodes
>     when using power_save logic.
>  -- slurmrestd - Add support for setting max connections.
>  -- data_parser/v0.0.39 - fix sacct --json matching associations from a
>     different cluster.
>  -- Fix segfault when clearing reqnodelist of a pending job.
>  -- Fix memory leak of argv when submitting jobs via slurmrestd or CLI commands.
>  -- slurmrestd - correct miscalculation of job argument count that could cause
>     memory leak when job submission fails.
>  -- slurmdbd - add warning on startup if max_allowed_packet is too small.
>  -- gpu/nvml - Remove E-cores from NVML's cpu affinity bitmap when
>     "allow_ecores" is not set in SlurmdParameters.
>  -- Fix regression from 23.02.0rc1 causing a FrontEnd slurmd to assert fail on
>     startup and don't be configured with the appropriate port.
>  -- Fix dynamic nodes not being sorted and not being included in topology,
>     which resulted in suboptimal dynamic node selection for jobs.
>  -- Fix slurmstepd crash due to potential division by zero (SIGFPE) in certain
>     edge-cases using the PMIx plugin.
>  -- Fix issue with PMIx HetJob requests where certain use-cases would end up
>     with communication errors due to incorrect PMIx hostname info setup.
>  -- openapi/v0.0.39 - revert regression in job update requests to accept job
>     description for changes instead of requiring job description in "job" field.
>  -- Fix regression in 23.02.0rc1 that caused a step to crash with a bad
>     --gpu-bind=single request.
>  -- job_container/tmpfs - skip more in-depth attempt to clean up the base path
>     when not required.  This prevents unhelpful, and possibly misleading, debug2
>     messages when not using the new "shared" mode.
>  -- gpu/nvml - Fix gpu usage when graphics processes are running on the gpu.
>  -- slurmrestd - fix regression where "exclusive" field was removed from job
>     descriptions and submissions.
>  -- Fix issue where requeued jobs had bad gres allocations leading to gres not
>     being deallocated at the end of the job, preventing other jobs from using
>     those resources.
>  -- Fix regression in 23.02.0rc1 which caused incorrect values for
>     SLURM_TASKS_PER_NODE when the job requests --ntasks-per-node and --exclusive
>     or --ntasks-per-core=1 (or CR_ONE_TASK_PER_CORE) and without requesting
>     --ntasks. SLURM_TASKS_PER_NODE is used by mpirun, so this regression
>     caused mpirun to launch the wrong number of tasks and to sometimes fail to
>     launch tasks.
>  -- Prevent jobs running on shards from being canceled on slurmctld restart.
>  -- Fix SPANK prolog and epilog hooks that rely on slurm_init() for access to
>     internal Slurm API calls.
>  -- oci.conf - Populate %m pattern with ContainerPath or SlurmdSpoolDir if
>     ContainerPath is not configured.
>  -- Removed zero padding for numeric values in container spool directory names.
>  -- Avoid creating an unused task-4294967295 directory in container spooldir.
>  -- Cleanup container step directories at step completion.
>  -- sacctmgr - Fix segfault when printing empty tres.
>  -- srun - fix communication issue that prevented slurmctld from connecting to
>     an srun running outside of a compute node.

> * Changes in Slurm 22.05.9
> ==========================
>  -- Allocate correct number of sockets when requesting gres and running with
>     CR_SOCKET*.
>  -- Fix handling of --prefer for job arrays.
>  -- Fix regression in 22.05.5 that causes some jobs that request
>     --ntasks-per-node to be incorrectly rejected.
>  -- Fix slurmctld crash when a step requests fewer tasks than nodes.
>  -- Fix incorrect task count in steps that request --ntasks-per-node and a node
>     count with a range (e.g. -N1-2).
>  -- Fix some valid step requests hanging instead of running.
>  -- slurmrestd - avoid possible race condition which would cause slurmrestd to
>     silently no longer accept new client connections.
>  -- Fix GPU setup on CRAY systems when using the CRAY_CUDA_MPS environment
>     variable. GPUs are now correctly detected in such scenarios.
>  -- Fix the job prolog not running for jobs with the interactive step
>     (salloc jobs with LaunchParameters=use_interactive_step set in slurm.conf)
>     that were scheduled on powered down nodes. The prolog not running also
>     broke job_container/tmpfs, pam_slurm_adopt, and x11 forwarding.
>  -- task/affinity - fix slurmd segfault when request launch task requests of
>     type "--cpu-bind=[map,mask]_cpu:<list>" have no <list> provided.
>  -- sched/backfill - fix segfault when removing a PLANNED node from system.
>  -- sched/backfill - fix deleted planned node staying in planned node bitmap.
>  -- Fix nodes remaining as PLANNED after slurmctld save state recovery.
>  -- Fix regression in 22.05.0rc1 that broke Nodes=ALL in a NodeSet.
>  -- Fix incorrect memory constraint when receiving a job from 20.11 that uses
>     cpu count for memory calculation.
>  -- openapi/v0.0.[36-38] - avoid possible crash from jobs submitted with argv.
>  -- openapi/v0.0.[36-38] - avoid possible crash from rejected jobs submitted
>     with batch_features.
>  -- srun - fix regression in 22.05.7 that prevented slurmctld from connecting
>     to an srun running outside of a compute node

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