[slurm-users] docker containers and slurm

Jake Jellinek jakejellinek at outlook.com
Fri Sep 29 14:23:56 UTC 2023

Hi list

I have built a small cluster and have attached a few clients to it.
My clients can submit jobs so am confident that the service is setup sufficiently.

What I would like to do is to deploy the slurm client into a docker container. From within the docker container, I have setup munge and can successfully run 'sinfo'.
scontrol ping states that the master node is down and any attempt to srun a bash (srun --pty bash -i) results in eventual failure.
When I run srun, the master node registers the job in the queue and even allocates (and launches) a new machine for it to run on.

Has anyone had any success running slurm clients within a dockerised environment?

I ran some tests and I think the problem I have is with the docker firewall. Do I need to configure docker to forward certain ports?
My plan is to deploy a graphical environment within each container and allow each user to have their own desktop. From there, they should be able to schedule jobs etc.
If I had to forward certain ports, I'm not clear how I could achieve this with multiple users

Thanks in advance

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