[slurm-users] Steps to upgrade slurm for a patchlevel change?

Groner, Rob rug262 at psu.edu
Thu Sep 28 15:58:02 UTC 2023

There's 14 steps to upgrading slurm listed on their website, including shutting down and backing up the database.  So far we've only updated slurm during a downtime, and it's been a major version change, so we've taken all the steps indicated.

We now want to upgrade from 23.02.4 to 23.02.5.

Our slurm builds end up in version named directories, and we tell production which one to use via symlink.  Changing the symlink will automatically change it on our slurm controller node and all slurmd nodes.

Is there an expedited, simple, slimmed down upgrade path to follow if we're looking at just a . level upgrade?


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