[slurm-users] Glusterfs hints for state database

Michael Gutteridge michael.gutteridge at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 20:57:00 UTC 2023

We've settled on the idea of using a glusterfs file system for rolling out
an HA Slurm controller.  Over the last year we've averaged 88,000 job
submissions per day, though it's usually lower than that (10-20K).
Disk activity
on the existing state databaseseems to be maxing out around 40-50 io/s with
a peak disk usage under 700MB.

We're replacing that with two controller hosts (eventually configured as an
HA pair) and a DBD host.  I've spun up a 3 replica glusterfs mirror between
these hosts for the state database. The physical disks backing this storage
are all SSD.

Are there any hints, tips, or problems anyone has run into with Glusterfs
for the state database? Any recommended tunings?

Thanks much

 - Michael
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