[slurm-users] job_container/tmpfs and rootless apptainer

Roberto Monti Roberto.PolverelliMonti at jax.org
Thu Oct 26 13:43:58 UTC 2023

I was wondering if some light could be shed as to why permissions on the mounted /tmp need to be 700 when using the job_container/tmpfs plugin.

I'm asking this because we are considering allowing for users to run rootless apptainer as a method for building containers from a slurm job, and I'm encountering the following issues:
- 0700 permissions on /tmp do not sit well with certain builds (e.g. ubuntu images needing to write temp files in order to run "apt")
- setting the APPTAINER_TMPDIR variable would in theory circumvent this, but I can't do this as it needs to be on disk, and all the other fs I have available are networked

I have "solved" this by giving 1777 permissions to the mounted /tmp in the taskprolog, which was the only option I could find, as both prolog and init_script get to run prior to the construction of the /tmp namespace. Does this look like an appropriate solution?

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Roberto P. Monti
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