[slurm-users] Munge Unauthorized credential for client UID=0 GID=0

Andrew Lewis Andrew.Lewis at uct.ac.za
Sat Oct 7 10:11:40 UTC 2023


We are running a 2 node test cluster with the following configuration:

OS: Rocky 9.2
Slurm: 23.02.5

Jobs seem to run OK, however when they do the munge daemon always logs:
2023-10-06 15:37:41 +0200 Info:      Unauthorized credential for client UID=0 GID=0

When running munge -n tests the daemon does not log these errors.

Things we have already done:

Time is synced on the two servers using ntp. My colleague and I both checked this with chronyc sources -v:
MS Name/IP address         Stratum Poll Reach LastRx Last sample
^*      hidden                   2   8   377   254    +11us[  +14us] +/-   11ms

User gids\uids have been double checked, they are identical between nodes.  This occurs with any user we create.
The munge and slurm user gids\uids are also identical between nodes.
We recreated and redistributed the munge key making sure permissions are set to 400.
Restarted nodes and daemons.

Q1: Is this being caused by slurmd running as root and the job being run as a normal userid?

Q2: Is this just a cosmetic message that we can ignore?

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