[slurm-users] auth_munge.so: Incompatible Slurm plugin version (21.08.8)

Rémi Palancher remi at rackslab.io
Thu Oct 5 08:15:12 UTC 2023

Hello Julien,

Le mercredi 4 octobre 2023 à 19:04, Julien Rey <julien.rey at univ-paris-diderot.fr> a écrit :

> Hello,
> I did an upgrade of Slurm this week (20.11 to 21.08.8) and while
> everything seems to be working with srun and sbatch commands, here is
> what I get when I try to launch jobs from drmaa library:
> I don't know if this is a slurm or a drmaa bug. So any advice would be
> welcome.

Slurm daemons, binaries and libraries check the version of the plugins matches their own version at load time. The version of the plugins is bumped on every major version of Slurm (eg. 21.08) hence plugins compiled with 21.08 cannot be loaded by programs linked with libslurm from Slurm 20.11.

I suspect in this case DRMMA to be compiled and linked on libslurm from Slurm 20.11 trying (and failing) to load newer plugins provided with Slurm 21.08.

Did you try to recompile your DRMMA layer against Slurm 21.08.8 headers and library?

Rémi Palancher
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