[slurm-users] Configuring slurm.conf and using subpartitions

Kratz, Zach ZKratz at clarku.edu
Wed Oct 4 04:03:06 UTC 2023

I am a systems administrator for a computing cluster.

We have around 24 nodes available, recently adding a whole new updated cluster with upgraded nodes.

We use an interactive node that will randomly select from our list of computing nodes to complete the job. We would like to find a way to select from our list of old nodes first, before using the newer ones. We tried using weight and assigned each of the old nodes a lower weight than the new nodes, but in testing the new nodes were still assigned, even if the old nodes were available.

Is there any way to configure this in the line that configures the interactive node in slurm.conf, for example:

PartitionName=interactive-cpu   Nodes=node[1-17] weight =10 node[18-24] weight=50

Or is there a way to create subpartitions where we could put the older nodes into a partition within this one?

Thank you for any feedback.

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