[slurm-users] what is the default limit behaviour for a qos with GrpTRES defined

Alastair Neil ajneil.tech at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 19:06:41 UTC 2023


Hopefully someone knows about this, I have been scouring the sacctmgr and
associated command man pages but cannot find it explicitly stated
anywhere.  If I have a qos with a defined GrpTRES limiting the qos to a
certain number of specific GPU devices, are all other available gres
devices not specified in the GrpTRES set to a limit of 0 by default - or
are they unlimited?

In other words is it sufficient to set a limit on the one specific gres
device, or do I also have to explicitly set a limit of 0 on all other gres


-Alastair Neil
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