[slurm-users] Dynamic MIG Question

Aaron Kollmann aaron.kollmann at student.hpi.de
Wed Nov 22 18:22:14 UTC 2023

Hello All,

I am currently working in a research project and we are trying to find 
out whether we can use NVIDIAs multi-instance GPU (MIG) dynamically in 

For instance:

- a user requests a job and wants a GPU but none is available

- now SLURM will reconfigure a MIG GPU to create a partition (e.g. 
1g.5gb) which becomes available and allocated immediately

I can already reconfigure MIG + SLURM within a few seconds to start jobs 
on newly partitioned resources, but Jobs get killed when I restart 
slurmd on nodes with a changed MIG config. (see script example below)

*Do you think it is possible to develop a plugin or change SLURM to the 
extent that dynamic MIG will be supported one day? *

(The website says it is not supported)*



- Aaron*


# Generate Start Config
killall slurmd
killall slurmctld
nvidia-smi mig -dci
nvidia-smi mig -dgi
nvidia-smi mig -cgi 19,14,5 -i 0 -C
nvidia-smi mig -cgi 0 -i 1 -C
cp -f ./slurm-19145-0.conf /etc/slurm/slurm.conf
slurmd -c
slurmctld -c
sleep 5

# Start a running and a pending job (the first job gets killed by slurm)
srun -w gx06 -c 2 --mem 1G --gres=gpu:a100_1g.5gb:1 sleep 300 &
srun -w gx06 -c 2 --mem 1G --gres=gpu:a100_1g.5gb:1 sleep 300 &
sleep 5

# Simulate MIG Config Change
nvidia-smi mig -i 1 -dci
nvidia-smi mig -i 1 -dgi
nvidia-smi mig -cgi 19,14,5 -i 1 -C
cp -f ./slurm-2x19145.conf /etc/slurm/slurm.conf
killall slurmd
killall slurmctld
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