[slurm-users] slurm job_container/tmpfs

Ward Poelmans ward.poelmans at vub.be
Tue Nov 21 12:12:20 UTC 2023

Hi Arsene,

On 21/11/2023 10:58, Arsene Marian Alain wrote:

> I just give my Basepath=/scratch (a local directory for each node that is already mounted with 1777 permissions) in job_container.conf. The plugin automatically generates for each job a directory with the "JOB_ID", for example: /scratch/1805
> The only problem is that directory 1805 is generated with root owner and permissions 700. So the user who submitted the job cannot write/read inside directory 1805.

If I look on our system, there should be hidden directory under that directory which is owned by the correct user.

Our job_container.conf has:

which gives directories like:

The hidden one is owned by the user of the job.

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