[slurm-users] Default SelectTypeParameters option

Thomas Green GreenT10 at cardiff.ac.uk
Mon Nov 20 12:23:48 UTC 2023


I have noticed our site relies on the default value SelectTypeParameters (e.g. not specified in slurm.conf) which should be same as:


I have noticed some strange behaviour where the compute nodes do not seem to use memory cgroup e.g. in the log without the above specified in slurm.conf and assuming default value I see:

[2023-11-10T10:47:52.087] [7307368.batch] debug:  task/cgroup: init: core enforcement enabled
[2023-11-10T10:47:52.088] [7307368.batch] debug:  task/cgroup: init: device enforcement enabled

And with the above option in slurm.conf I see:

[2023-11-10T11:00:28.059] [7307370.extern] debug:  task/cgroup: init: core enforcement enabled
[2023-11-10T11:00:28.059] [7307370.extern] debug:  task/cgroup: task_cgroup_memory_init: task/cgroup/memory: TotCfgRealMem:191000M allowed:100%(enforced), swap:0%(enforced), max:100%(191000M) max+swap:100%(382000M) min:30M kmem:100%(191000M permissive) min:30M
[2023-11-10T11:00:28.059] [7307370.extern] debug:  task/cgroup: init: memory enforcement enabled
[2023-11-10T11:00:28.060] [7307370.extern] debug:  task/cgroup: init: device enforcement enabled

This relates to




Whilst I can only see the default possibly set on slurmctld but not on slurmd:


Should the documentation be updated to require use of SelectTypeParameters or the code has better handling of defaulting this parameter?

Specifying the option seemed to fix odd behaviour but wanted to report the observation and whether I have misunderstood how this parameter is defaulted and whether other options also may need special care with defaults.


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